I suffer from keratosis pilaris on my arms and rosacea on my face which cause severe redness and it is especially bad in the winter time. I came across your booth in Arkansas and decided to try the Derma mist. When I get out of the shower I spray it all over and it provides SO much relief. My face will some times flush and get hot like it is sunburned and I spray it on and it instantly relives it!

For years I have been dealing with a pesky psoriasis type rash on my leg.  I have tried numerous things including moisturizers and steroid creams prescribed by a doctor.  It recently got so painful and looked like a patch of hamburger meat.  I tried the Well Being Oil, using it twice a day and had relief within a week. Now I use it once a day or every other day just to keep things in check.  I just wish I had taken a before picture to show the dramatic difference!!

After using JAMILA face cream, I don’t want to use anything else. Not only does it feel and smell good, it heals. I had leftover scabby skin on my nose for months after a procedure to freeze off a small skin cancer. JAMILLA is the product that finally healed and smoothed my skin. I need more please! Its priceless! !!! And my skin care essentials now always include Derma Mend, made right here in the Ozarks. I spritz it on daily, and my skin is thankful for it, especially as it has been so buggy lately! I recommend bigger bottles :0)

I love the derma mend by the way! My poison Ivy was healed and no scarring in 4 days!! I have sold some based on my results!

The “Ache Away” oil worked wonders on my headache! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

I got a bad case of lung/sinus infection (unfortunately, every fall or winter) and am on antibiotics, which are helping. I also went and sat in a Far Infrared Sauna a few days ago and that helped to detox. I just soaked in a hot bath with your lung salts, those are incredible Mar, I love that they are not wimpy scents, they are wonderful, even smelling them in the jar! Then I sprayed with Well Being spray, and voila, I am wonderful.
Valerie, KS

Last summer I was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx. I was prescribed a radiation protocol with 28 treatments over a 6 week, period. My oncologist told me that I would probably experience some blistering while under treatment. I used the Derma Mend Mist from Essential Arts to minimize the damage to my skin during treatment and to expedite my recovery once my treatments ended. Not only did I avoid any severe blistering, but this product sped my recovery time from 4 – 6 weeks to 2. I highly recommend Essential Arts Derma Mend Mist for anyone with skin problems – it’s a great product and saved me a lot of pain and healing time.
Robert, MA

Derma-mend is the only thing that works on my cold sores. It seems to support skin healing while drying up my lesions. Once I have a break-out, I also use it all around my mouth, and it seems to keep the sores from spreading. Great product!

I got super sunburned on my back this weekend. I trusted my daughter Stella (8 years old) to put sunscreen on me—bad idea! I’ve been using your Derma Mend. So far, it is the only thing that is making it feel better. Awesome!
Julie M., Arkansas

I love your products! I was given a Deluxe First Aid Kit and Bath Crystals as a gift recently. I have enjoyed them so much. My favorites (so far) are the Derma Mend, Tea Tree and Ache Away. The Bath Crystals are so relaxing and smell heavenly. Thanks so much!
Vicki, Missouri

I have a girl friend, who, in the past year or so has had TERRIBLE bouts of acne. She is in her early 30’s. She has tried every major brand to cure it, nothing has worked. She’s spent hundreds of dollars buying name brand acne products, but nothing works. She even went to the skin doctor, who told her that she just has to wait it through, and keep everything off her face. After talking to her about what she has done so far in her attempts to get rid of the acne, I suggested that she use some of your skin repair oil that was in my Deluxe First Aid Kit. Within 5 days, her face is almost completely clear. She loves you!!! Not only does she want to buy some from you, but she has been telling everyone how wonderful your product is.
Nina, KC MO

I find Essential Arts products to contain the highest quality oils at an affordable price. The bath crystals are my personal favorite, so relaxing!
Antonia, Mt Airy MD

I’ve been telling everyone how great your products are! I use both the Ache Away oil and Bath Crystals for my Fibromyalgia, and it relieves my pain immediately. Mosquitos and chiggers have been feasting on me this summer, and Derma Mend spray has been a life saver. I also love the Well-Being Bath Crystals. They smell wonderful– it’s now my instant cure for stress. Thanks so much for making such great products.
MB, Memphis

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