Farmer’s Market Time!

Back at the Bentonville Farmer’s Market

Back in full gear for the Bentonville Farmer’s Market this Summer! And what a Summer it’s going to be. So looking forward to seeing everyone and meeting new people. Here are a few of the lovely folks who stopped by in the last week or two. See you next time!


Essential Arts in Whole Foods!

Essential Arts Now in Whole Foods Fayetteville Store!

Essential Arts at Whole Foods

Marietta with friend Jamie

What an exciting day for Essential Arts and Fayetteville. I am so pleased to be here for the opening of Whole Foods in northwest Arkansas. I had a demo spot all afternoon and met and talked with so many wonderful folks who came out to explore and support the new store. This is a game changer for our town and northwest Arkansas and Essential Arts!

Come join the fun! Essential Arts will be there all day Saturday and Sunday 10-2.


Essential Arts at Whole Foods

Essential Arts at Whole Foods


Saturday at the Market

Some shots from this Saturday at the Bentonville Farmers Market

Bentonville Saturday Farmers Market!

Bentonville Saturday market!Good news update!  Originally I would have had to do the Wednesday Farmers Market in Bentonville for a year before I could sell at the bigger Saturday Market. So every chance I had I let them know that if there was an opening I would be very pleased to fill in at the Saturday Market .

Well, it has only been a couple of months and I was asked to fill in this weekend. Not only was it my best sales day yet at the Market, I was invited to come back and sell every Saturday! People were swarming my booth very interested in my products and so many compliments on my hand painted silk scarves.

scarves-02I hope you have a chance to come up some Saturday and experience the Bentonville Farmers Market, have lunch and enjoy the morning. Thank you!

Summer and Essential Arts

farmers-marketIt’s Summertime and a great time for outdoor activities. Keeping in mind the bugs and the Sun and keeping yourself safe and comfortable. And just a reminder that Derma Mend Mist can be very soothing if you have a sunburn.

In another note, we were very pleased to be mentioned in the Ozark Natural Foods newsletter The Nutshell. Employees were asked what their favorite products were:

EMILY TIMMONS, WELLNESS Essential Arts: When asked what my favorite local product was from the Wellness Department, I immediately thought of Essential Arts. These locally made essential oil blends are fantastic! The blends come in standard essential oil bottles, as well as spray mists and bath salt blends. My favorite of the blends is the Well-Being spray mist; her take on the well-known Thieves Oil blend. This mix has anti-septic and anti-fungal benefits. I also love adding her Creature Comfort bath salts into my bath after a long day or tough run; to ease tension and body aches. Needless to say, I feel pretty great using these products which is why Essential Arts products are my P6 staff choice!

We will be at the Bentonville Farmers Market at the Community Center all Summer on Wednesdays from 2:30 – 7pm. See you next time!

We have a new discovery!

ss3-03Hello Everyone,
We have a new discovery! At last weeks Farmer’s Market one of the other vendors came up, she, by the way is one of my biggest customers, and told me that she used Well Being on her and her kids mosquito bites to stop the itch and it worked. Well of course I had to try it, and it worked for me too! I did apply it twice. I am not sure if it takes time to work or a second application was needed. Who cares, it works!

Next Wednesday, July 1, at the Bentonville Farmer’s Market, 2:30-7, if you come up to me and say” I feel itchy” you can get $2 off on any of my Well Being’s products.

A New Addition to the Market

scarves-01Hey everyone I now have my Hand Painted Scarves on display at the Bentonville Farmers Market! You can see them blowing in the wind along with Essential Arts Aromatherapy products. I hope you can visit with us soon. We are here every Wednesday from 2:30-7pm at the new Community Center.

A new update that has us all so excited! We have just been picked up by Whole Foods! Starting in two stores with the intention to  pick up more stores later. I went to a vendor meeting yesterday and was so impressed to learn more about Whole Foods. I am so proud to be accepted! This says a lot for Essential Arts because Whole Foods has very high standards. Look out in the coming months as Essential Arts will be showing up on the shelves, starting in Little Rock and Fayetteville. Woo hoo!!!!!