Aromatherapy Products from Essential Arts

Aromatherapy Products from Essential Arts

Our Aromatherapy Products are made from pure essential oils that have been prized for their healing properties since ancient times.

Essential oils

Often extracted by steam distillation, the aromatic liquids produced contain 500-2000 compounds. While some companies claim that their product contains “the finest ingredients”, many use inferior quality substances or fragrances. The quality, purity and strength of essential oils vary greatly.

Purity and authenticity are as important to us as they are to you, and this philosophy goes into each of our carefully blended products.

Essential oils

We use the finest quality essential oils and other ingredients like lavender, bergamot, lemongrass and chamomile then carefully blend them according to their beneficial properties.

New Mists! Fayetteville AR

3 New Mists

Lots of you have asked for these popular blends in a mist form. Here they are, Transitions, Slumber Time and Sacred Love. I hope you enjoy their benefits in an even easier way to apply them.

You can find them all on the Mists page.

New Products! Fayetteville AR

New Lotion and Oil Blend

Jamila Face and Body Cream This blend is hand crafted using essential oils that are known for regenerating the skin cells.

Circulation Topical Oil The Circulation formula is blended for those who suffer from circulation issues, which can be a symptom of diabetes or other diseases.

Well Being Collection

The Well-Being Family

Well-Being Bath Crystals, Well-Being Mist, and Well-Being Oil make up the Well-Being Family. This is one of our most popular aromatherapy products.

All are based on 15th century perfumers’ secret blend used to ward off the bubonic plague. Well-Being Essential Oil is known for its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic benefits and can be used as a perfume or inhalant.
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Sacred Love Collection

The Sacred Love Collection

Sacred Love Bath Crystals andSacred Love Massage Oil comprise this lovely collection. This is a perfect example of blending essential oils for a purposeful result!

In the mood for romance? This carefully crafted aphrodisiac blend invokes a sensual, harmonious, blissful feeling. Ancient cultures used essential oils as an aphrodisiac because they aroused pheromones, a natural chemical attractant produced in the body. Experience it for yourself. All Love is Sacred.

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